Eye Examination

Please refer to our EYE EXAMINATION segment for detailed information. The initial registration fee is GHC40. If you need to be referred for further examination, other rates apply depending on the type of examination.

Customized Services

Feel free to talk to us about any special service you may require. The arrangement we have with our ‘customized service’ clients makes access to optical services truly hassle-free for them. By being just a phone call away, we save you time and money.

Corporate Services

Whether you are a small, medium-sized or large company, we have packages that are tailor-made to suit your peculiar needs. We are committed to our mission of constantly seeking the most innovative and cost-effective way of getting our products and services to you, while keeping your utmost satisfaction in mind.

The flexible and convenient payment terms we offer our corporate clients adds more value to our products and services.

The best part of the package is the excellent after sales service we offer. We know that saving you time means saving you money so we encourage you to contact (call or e-mail us) our Customer Service Team for prompt assistance any time you have a problem with your spectacles. Now that’s more value for your money!


Please refer to our TYPES OF LENSES segment for detailed information about our high quality Single Vision, Bifocal and Progressive Lenses which come in white, tinted, photochromic, transitions, etc with or without antireflective.

Our Single Vision Photochromic Lenses start from GHC280; Our Bifocal lenses from GHC 380, while our Progressive Lenses start from GHC 480. Except in the case of SPECIAL ORDERS, most prescriptions fall under these three categories.

On the other hand, for those who would require TRANSITIONS LENSES; Our Single Vision Transitions Lenses start from GHC480; Our Bifocal Transitions Lenses from GHC 580, while our Progressive Lenses start from GHC 680. POLYCARBONATE LENSES, which are a bit more expensive, are also available.


Gone are the days when fashionable designer eyewear was simply above the budget of many. In our quest to constantly seek the most innovative and cost-effective way of reaching you with our products and services, we have succeeded in bringing you the latest trends in fashionable designer eyewear at a price you can afford.

Please refer to our CHOOSING YOUR FRAME and DESIGNER FRAMES segment to find out more about our frames

Our non-designer collections of frames start from GHC 150 while our wide range of designer collection start from GHC350.

That’s not all. We carry out discount and promotion sales from time to time so if you want to save more money on your frames and lenses, check out our DISCOUNT SALES segment regularly. (On our Website www.delcieloopticals.com)

Contact Lenses

Before you decide to buy a pair of Cosmetic or Corrective Contact Lenses please refer to our CONTACT LENSES segment and read carefully. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further clarification. The dust and other forms of pollution in our environment should be taken into consideration before using a pair of contact lenses.

Our Cosmetic Contact Lenses come in more than thirteen (13) different colours (Brown, Hazel, Pure Hazel, Honey, Grey, Sterling Grey, Green, Gemstone Green, Amethyst, Turquoise, True Sapphire, Blue, Brilliant Blue, etc) and start from GHC 30, (Promotional Price while stocks last) while our Corrective Contact Lenses come in white or coloured and start from GHC 60. (Promotional Price while stocks last)

Apart from the daily disposables which is discarded after use and does not need to be stored overnight, all other contact lenses may require a contact lens solution which is available from GHC 20, GHC40, etc

Contact Forms

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